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Since 2017, Aquaria has been hosting a variety of workshops to share the art of aquatic plants. Leveraging years of experience, our professionals meticulously teach everything from Aqua Botanical Art for beginners to more advanced aquascape techniques.
We also offer personalized learning sessions,
group lessons for friends and family, and off-site training for select topics.
180P Tank & Fiona

Aquascaper Profile

Fiona Tu

Highly trained in aquascaping from Japan. Prize-winning entrant in International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest. Member of the Tokyo Aquascape Union. Active participant and enthusiast in various activities and events related to aquascapes and aquariums.

Wabi-kusa Workshops

Learn how to create your own wabi-kusa in the Aquaria style with the plant leaves above the water line. Together, we will work to create unique creations, taking into consideration aquatic plant visual balance, aquascape layout and aesthetics. The workshop provides a relaxed atmosphere with the scent of essential oils to encourage creativity and wabi-kusa passion.

Aquascape Workshops

Learn how to create and compose the substrate, select, arrange and plant appropriate aquatic plants, and develop a layout. Led by an expert who provides solid guidance from the basics to real-life applications.