Aquaria creates microcosms of nature in unique aquascapes and other miniature ecosystems.
Self-contained ecosystems modeled on our planet are created in glass aquarium tanks.

The great earth formed of rock, wood and plants, the sky that ever changes with fluctuations in light, and the wind blowing over the water’s surface: these three components create the space in which living organisms breathe and move about.

An aquascape is not merely an artwork for visual enjoyment but is a living, breathing ecosystem complete within itself.

An aquascape always starts with nature
earth – water – fire – air – space

Recreating the majesty of Mother Nature with the five elements in a aquarium tank

The creation of an aquascape in a aquarium tank can be one of life’s great joys.

An aquascape is not merely an artwork for visual enjoyment but is an entire ecosystem that lives and breathes.

An aquascape provides light close to natural sunlight that aquatic plants use with carbon dioxide to carry out photosynthesis.
This powerful process of nature purifies the water while converting carbon dioxide to oxygen.
Fish, shrimp and other organisms require this oxygen and thus have a symbiotic relationship with aquatic plants.

The Five Elements

An ecologically balanced environment allows life to flourish in its natural colors and forms.

Nature rules over all living forms.

And that is indeed why people find aquascapes so attractive and alluring, for they bring us back to Mother Nature and her nurturing love.