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earth – water – fire – air – space
Self-contained Aquascapes by Aquaria
Five-Element Creations

The blades of grass wave gently in the clear water as three fish swim by.

It is the simplicity and beauty of nature that enchants us while setting our hearts at ease on a deeply human level.

Aquaria brings this nature to modern living, creating self-contained microcosms that incorporate five-element harmony.
Gently balancing the essences of nature, Aquaria’s aquascapes reflect the greater cosmos around us in a miniature space.

In ancient times, the Buddhist philosophy of the Five Elements arrived in Japan, and the spirit of this holistic conceptualization lives in each natural aquascape created by Aquaria.

Earth, water, fire, wind and space circulate throughout the universe, jostling and interacting with each other to mold and modify the entirety of creation.

These five elements are incorporated into a tangible form, a unique microcosm of nature.

Through these aquascapes, Aquaria fulfills its mission to bring satisfaction in daily life and show the way to a future filled with brightness.

The Five Elements of Aquaria
Conceptualization and design based on the ancient Buddhist philosophy of the Five Elements
Aquascapes by Aquaria
The tradition of the Panca Mahabhuta or Five Elements was transmitted to Japan from India through Buddhism in ancient times. What are these elements?
Chi – Earth

Chi is a complete ecosystem created of sand, wood and organic material. Plants anchor their roots there and animals create living spaces.

Sui – Water

Home to fish that swim gracefully in its purity. Encompassing and cradling all living things, sui leads the way to healthy development.

Ka – Fire

Light that approximates the rays of the sun is radiated and used with carbon dioxide to promote photosynthesis. This increases the amount of oxygen in the water, creating an environment suitable for living creatures.

Fu – Air

In aquaria, this element is expressed through changes in the flow of water. With fluctuation and flow, fu brings soothing energy to the ecosystem.

Ku – Space

In addition to bringing beauty to the world of the aquatic habitat, ku creates healing when combined with care.

Takashi Amano was an advocate for natural aquaria as a way to express ecosystems in a miniature form. Creator of aquascapes, founder and president of Aqua Design Amano, and photographer of ecological scenery, Amano lived an active life. Incorporating the aesthetics of Japanese cultural traditions such as ikebana, rock gardens and wabi-sabi (impermanence and imperfection), Amano’s aquaria drew praise from around the world.

The founders of Aquaria were deeply inspired by his masterpieces, and approached his techniques from various angles, learning and embracing his spirit. In the hopes of passing along his worldview, we established Aquaria in 2015.