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Aquaria stocks a range of select products and materials produced in the United States,
Japan and other countries around the world for your aquascape, terrarium or other natural ecosystem.
A balanced aquascape incorporates functionality,
design and aesthetics to support the healthy growth of fish and aquatic plants while creating a beautiful,
elegant space. Aquaria stocks the building blocks essential to attain that balance.
Aquaria Cabinet

Tanks and tools

Among the products Aquaria carries are aquarium tanks and other containers, built to transmit light with a high degree of fidelity. We also carry light systems and tools such as scissors specially crafted for aquatic plants.

ADA Products

Founded by Takashi Amano, a pioneer in nature aquariums, Aqua Design Amano produces high-quality products for aquascapes and other microscapes. From light sources to carbon dioxide systems and liquid fertilizers, Amano products are developed around the concept of “learning from nature.” Simple but functional, these products make aquascapes attractive and highlight natural elements.


Building on the concept of the natural ecosystem, Brio is a leading innovator in aquatic habitats. Incorporating aquaponics technology for a higher level of symbiosis among the elements, these next-generation systems do not require water changes, merely supplemental water from time to time. This approach saves water and reduces stress on fish. In addition, the stylish design of Brio systems make a pleasant addition to the interior.

Flat One

The Flat One product line of LED lights has a stand thickness of only 3 millimeters and is excellent for small water tanks. Designed for excellent heat dissipation, the aluminum body and flexible arms make maintenance easy. The smartphone app also makes adjustments easy for the ideal environment for your aquatic plants and fish.

Nature Materials

Natural materials

The selection of materials is essential for creating a natural environment. Aquaria has a wide variety of select rocks, wood and other materials from around the world.

Fish & Aquatic Plants

Aquatic plants

To spread the joy of aquatic plants, Aquaria holds workshops. Experts provide clear explanations on a range of topics from wabi-kusa¸ which is easy to grow and great for beginners, to professional plant layouts.